Conservatoire des Vignes Anicennes

Year Established: 2019
Location: Marchampt, Beaujolais
Size: 1.7 hectares
Varieties: 140+
Viticulture: Biodynamic, manual harvest
Vinification: Indigenous yeasts, zero sulfur. Aging in fiberglass tanks, old barrels and amphorae

Karine and Cyril Alonso’s Conservatoire des Vignes Anciennes (Conservatory of Ancient Vines) is a tiny estate – under two hectares – tucked up in the hills above the tiny town of Marchampt in the southwest of the Beaujolais region. They are surrounded by 450 hectares of forest which provide protection for this “eco-laboratory”. Here they have planted over 140 varieties, primarily ancient, rare and long-forgotten. You’ll find sub-varieties of Pinot such as Pinot Fin, Pinot Droit, and a selection massale of Pinot Noir from 1940, as well as more than 30 sub-varieties of Gamay! Each vintage they blend in various combinations to create unique cuvees that are full of life, energy and expression. Everything here is done by hand, from harvest to labeling to mixing the color into the wax used for the capsules. The wines are spontaneously fermented, no sulfur added.