Domaine Grivot-Goisot

Year Established: 1940s
Location: Saint-Bris le Vineux, Burgundy
Size: 22 hectares
Varieties: Aligoté, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir
Viticulture: No herbicides or pesticides. Intervine planting of grasses
Vinification: Stainless steel except the Cuvée du Manoir (aged in 3-4 year old barrels)

Historical records indicate that Goisot ancestors have owned vineyards in this area since the 15th century, but it was in 1947 that Serge Goisot began to bottle wine. Anne & Arnaud Goisot took over the modest domaine in 1991 and subsequently passed it to their daughter Anaëlle and her husband René Grivot in 2020, at which time the domaine took the name Grivot-Goisot. Saint-Bris le Vineux, in the heart of the Saint Bris appellation, is not an address where you will find Grand Cru Chablis, nor will you find the equivalent price tags. With Burgundy prices going through the roof, it’s a pleasure to find a domaine making beautiful wine we can all afford.
The whites, a Sauvignon Blanc from St Bris and a Chablis village cuvée along with the recent addition of a Premier Cru Chablis, have a common thread of delicate white floral aromatics and steely, mineral mouthfeel. The two Côtes d’Auxerre Rouge cuvées are aromatic gems with lots of stuffing and texture. The “Cuvée du Manoir” benefits from older vines (40 to 50 years) and a small (5%) addition of César, a local variety that gives a little more tannin and color to the blend.