Gaëlle Passas

Year Established: 2019
Location: Plats, Ardèche, Southern Rhône
Size: less than one hectare
Varieties: Syrah, Muscat, Viognier
Viticulture: No pesticides or herbicides
Vinification: Indigenous yeasts, aging in old barrel and buried amphorae

Gaëlle Passas trained in Chinese medicine before turning toward wine. She spent a season working at Domaine des Miquettes, and like them, ages much of her wine in amphorae that are buried more than halfway to their tops in the earth. She has planted a small plot of Syrah and rents tiny parcels in nearby Saint Joseph. She cares for all the vines herself, by hand and with love. Her approach is completely natural, never any pesticides or herbicides, and only rarely are  minimal amounts of copper or sulfur applied in the vineyards. No sulfur is added at bottling.