Les Petits Riens

Location: Val d’Aosta
Year Established: 2013
Size: 2 hectares
Varieties: Petit Rouge, Cornalin, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Erbaluce, Gamay, Mondeuse, Petit Verdot, Pinot Nero, Syrah
Viticulture: Everything done by hand; biodynamic
Vinification: Native yeasts. Minimal sulfur

On the steep slopes of the Val d’Aosta, where Stefania Galimberti and Fabien Bonnet care for their vines and their three children, one enters a world of slow pace and immense beauty. The two met in Switzerland, after Stefania studied viticulture and oenology in Milan, and after Fabien had done the same in Beaune. Stefania wrote her dissertation on the native grapes of Val d’Aosta, and Fabien had worked for several years in biodynamics… a magical meeting of minds and hearts, together they created Les Petits Riens.
The vineyards are primarily planted to Petit Rouge and Cornalin, but twelve different varieties of vines, planted somewhat haphazardly by the former owner, are allowed to grow and flourish. The wines are aged in sandstone vessels ranging from 300 liter eggs to 1000 liter urn shaped vessels. Only native yeasts are used. The wines have less than 20 ppm sulfur, and no additives.
“Les Petits Riens” means “the little nothings”. For Stefania and Fabien, this means “relaxing and listening to all the little things that surround us, the little voices, the little nothings, those little things that teach much more than you can imagine.”