Cantina Sannas

Location: Mamoiada, Sardinia
Year Established: 2016
Size: 1.2 hectare
Varieties: Cannonau, Granazza
Viticulture: No treatments or chemicals of any kind
Vinification: Native yeasts, plastic vats, wood. No filtering, minimal sulfur

Piergraziano Sanna purchased his small vineyard less than ten years ago high up in the center of Sardinia, in the area of Mamoiada. His vines are planted mostly to Cannonau, along with a small amount of Granazza (a native white variety). The young vines are being grown according to the classic Sardinian vine-training method known as alberello.
No treatments of any kind are used in the vineyards, not even copper or sulfur.  In the cellar, spontaneous fermentation occurs in large plastic tubs and then the wine is refined in old wooden containers. The wines are not filtered and only the bare minimum of sulfur is added during bottling.  The cuvees (Bobotti, Maria Abbranca, Maria Pettena) are named for old  Sardinian spirits of legend whose names were traditionally evoked in order to corral naughty children.