Masseria Case Rosse

Location: Randazzo, Sicily
Size: 1/2 hectare
Varieties: Alicante (Grenache), Nerello Mascarese
Viticulture: Biodynamic
Vinification: Native yeasts, no interventions or additions

Salvatore Giardina is well known in his town of Randazzo, Sicily as the owner of Vitis Vineria, one of the best wine bars and restaurants in the area. Salvatore’s relationship with wine led him to produce this tiny label of his own. He has revived a formerly abandoned vineyard of nearly 80 year old Alicante (Grenache) and Nerello Mascarese vines situated at about 3,000 feet elevation on the northern slopes of Mt. Etna. He farms using ‘peasant techniques’, basically doing everything the old way – by hand and farming biodynamically. The plot is surrounded by stone walls from which you can feel a cool draft even on a very hot day. The wine is aged in the adjacent ancient cellar in very old 500L barrels. If you are into Etna wines, it doesn’t get more authentic than this.