Monti della Moma

Location: Montefiascone, Lazio, Italy
Year Established: 2021
Size: Tiny – around 300 cases produced
Varieties: 40 year old vines of Procanico, Rosetto, Malvasia
Viticulture: No pesticides or herbicides
Vinification: Indigenous yeasts, low sulfur additions

Monti della Moma is a modest yet exciting new venture coming out of the Est! Est! Est! DOCG of Montefiascone, a commune in the Lazio region of Italy about an hour and a half north of Rome. The unusual name stems from an urban (or rather, rural) legend – in which a wealthy 12th century traveler sent a scout ahead along the route to identify inns that had good wine. The scout was to write “Est!” on the inns who made the cut. The story goes that the scout was so impressed with the quality of the wines in Montefiascone that he wrote it not once, but three times on the walls of the village inn: “Est! Est! Est!” Furthermore, it is said that the traveler himself (possibly a German bishop) loved the wines so much that he canceled the rest of his journey and remained there until he died. 
The vineyards of the Monti family are planted in the volcanic soils around the southeastern end of Lake Bolsena. The three varieties of the DOCG – Trebbiano Toscano (known locally as Procanico), Trebbiano Giallo (local name Rosetto), and Malvasia are blended to produce two delicious and fresh white wines, dubbed “Moma” and “Vince”.  Elisa and Valentina Monti are twin sisters born in the late 1980s not so long after these vineyards were planted. They grew up here, absorbing their love of the land from the generations that came before them.
Monti della Moma is a story of tradition honored through younger eyes. The new generation aims to change the reputation of this appellation, which has been known more for volume than quantity. The production here is just a few hundred cases! The first vintage was produced in 2021; we’ve begun with the 2022, to which we were introduced by Elisa’s lovely husband Riccardo, whom we met at the Drink With Love party (a small satellite tasting of natural winemakers outside VinItaly).  The wines are fresh, with textured layers of citrus zest and honey. They are a great value, and are terrific food wines, especially when paired with Roman dishes such as fritto misto or bruschetta.