Location: Panzano, Chianti, Tuscany
Year Established: 2020
Size: Less than 1 hectares
Varieties: Sangiovese
Viticulture: Biodynamic

Joanna Foster may legitimately hold the title of “The Most Interesting Woman in the World”, far outclassing that beer guy! She was born in London, has roots in both Malaysia and India, and spent much of her childhood pursuing adventure with her spirited mother whose varied interests led them through the vineyards of France, the forests of Greece, and across much of South Asia. Joanna went on to obtain two degrees from the University of London – one in Geography and Development Studies of South Asia, the other in Sustainable Environmental Planning and Management. She studied Hindi, and became passionate about community-based decision making and grass-roots activism. She spent 7 years working on environmental projects involving Indigenous, homeless and other marginalized groups in both rural and urban areas of Argentina. She has also been long involved with the Argentine artist community.
While working in Argentina she met her future husband, Ernesto Catena, who hailed from a family of winemakers. They started their own label, Stella Crinita, in the early 2000s, using natural and biodynamic methods of farming and vinification. They have raised a family together, and now spend about half the year in Tuscany, each having launched a small Italian winemaking project. Joanna’s is Spirituale, a tiny estate in Chianti that she established in 2020. Her “Blow Up” is a gorgeous Pet Nat Rosato made from her biodynamically farmed Sangiovese vineyard.