Cellier des Dames

Year Established: 1940s
Location: Côte Chalonnaise, Burgundy (négociant)

The Cellier des Dames wines narrate the story of many of the “Dames de Bourgogne”, who, in their way, shaped what Burgundy was to become. On the forefront of the historical scene, these were ladies associated with and sometimes (but not always) married to the famous Dukes of Burgundy. These wines have been created in their honor and in recognition of the impacts they had on the region, its vineyards, and its famous appellations. You’ll find the story of each Dame on the back label of their cuvée. This was the first vintage from Cellier des Dames, a micro-négociant founded by Gregory Hecht and Francois Bannier who met while studying for their Masters of Wine in Dijon.
The pandemic hit just a few months after we first brought these wines to the US, and unfortunately we’ve been out of touch with the company in the following white-knuckle years. We’re getting down to the last of what we brought in, which are from the 2017 vintage – considered generally quite good in Burgundy. Not surprisingly, given the maturity of the vines from which they were sourced, these wines have aged beautifully over the last few years. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find them anywhere else. Of the four wines, only 50 cases were made of two of them, and just 100 cases of the other two!